Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

Feminist Leadership Development

Opportune NITIEMA SANTOS; Social and Home Economist, Eender, ICT and Development expert since 2007.

 I worked for several years in Burkina Faso as civil servant and Deputy head of the Department of social affairs and National Solidarity during the Revolution's period ( Ministère de l'Essor Familial et de la Solidarité Nationale).

Later in Togo I got involved with NGOs for over 12 years in Poverty Reduction through micro-credit program, human right with focus on women right.

My experience of women's access to credit has been strengthened by my position as resource person and Director of the Board for the bank named "Banque  Régionale de Solidarité du Togo" 

Vice President of a microfinance structure I am an active member since 2002 working. On a voluntary basis with women engaged and determined to overcome poverty while trying to have citizen/public participation in the governance. Being and / or stay next to these women to win other battles is still for me a challenge. I am an independent consultant for several organizations including the UN system in the area of gender, ICT and entrepreneurship. End since 2004 I am an election observer for the African Union.