Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

Feminist Leadership Development

Over the past 27 years, we have honed our competencies in three core programmatic areas. We intend to achieve our objectives through the following ways;

Leadership Building focuses on strengthening African women leadership facilitated by our African Women's Leadership Institute (AWLI). Our training curriculum is based on a three dimensional framework known as the Personal Mastery Organising Skills and Taking Action (P.O.T) framework.
We boast of a strong network of alumni (AMwAzons) across Africa who form coalitions and movements across Africa that address the causes of the African women. Our alumni also lead women's organisations as well as other organisations at national regional and global levels

Knowledge Generation & Dissemination is a key tool in our arsenal for without knowledge and information, we are powerless. We are passionate about production of relevant information, past and present on issues affecting African women which we endeavour to document, capture in pictures and videos or any other means grounded in African feminist narrative to inform educate and act on. We strive to disseminate this to partners who are keen and passionate on the same issues for further input and generation of solutions through sharing our findings with them and our stakeholders. This way we carry the African woman's voice across Africa and indeed all over the world as/since discussing a problem is the first step to solving it and sharing the burden.

Coalition and Movement Building, has at its core lobbying and advocacy to influence positions, polices legislations and programs through partnering with likeminded organisations and individuals to rise to the challenge of addressing issues and defending rights of African women. Our power in numbers within the movements and coalitions is derived from the diversity of competences and strengths. Experience has taught us that we have more to gain from standing together speaking as a united voice, reading from the same script, and pulling or pushing in the same direction.