Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

Feminist Leadership Development

Sophie Ngugi, Kenyan, is the Life Skills and Sponsorship Manager for Women for Women International.   She is working in South Sudan with women survivors who have been impacted by war and civil strives.Sophie attended AWLI in Addis Ababa in 2008, and shares her passion and actions in empowering women.

When one woman is empowered,communities are empowered, when one woman suffers, many community members are affected.

I was born in  Kenya in a village called Mang'u and in a family of ten siblings.  With a degree in Sociology and MA in Gender and Development Studies, I gradually got interested in the gender and development area. I engaged in various organizations at empowering young women and also do community contribution; mentoring pastoralist girls among others. I am a mentor to many girls in formal and informal settings. I seek justice for all human kind and get worked up when women's human rights are trampled upon. That is what  motivated me to a campaign against public stripping of women in Kenya for apparently being 'indecently dressed'.

 I am an alumnus of 2008 AWLI training in Addis Ababa. During the training I met a group of amazing women as participants, trainers and organizers. The two-weeks training had a great impact on my knowledge and attitudes. I was deeply touched in personal planning and I made some objectives over my life which I assess and evaluate to date. I have seen a major difference and achieving goals more so, once I started writing them down. I have been able to achieve most of the professional and personal goals that I set out to achieve!  AWLI empowered me to be a better leader and I still go back to the resources I got in my work for reference and knowledge. I particularly find resources around leadership, legal instruments around women and peace to be very useful.