Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

Feminist Leadership Development

AMwA was born in the UK 30 years ago over a cup of tea, in a sister’s kitchen. Born in a world where there is more preference for baby sons, AMwA though a girl, she was a wanted child. It was conceived after a careful analysis and understanding of the situation of African women in UK- the loneliness, marginalization, lack of space for organizing for their own rights and visibility, and the need to give back to the women back home in Africa.

The Conception of AMwA
A group of women who believed that ‘our issues as African women are interconnected’ worked on a voluntary basis. Early activities included self-help programs, specifically helping African women transition into life in the United Kingdom.

For many of the women, AMwA became home, an oasis, a place for finding one’s soul. It was a home where they were not afraid to speak about themselves, craft their own agenda and analyse their own issues. AMwA became a space where the many voices of African women were woven into a composition of living, connected thinking and ideas.

We pay great tribute to our visionary sisters; Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Anne Mubanga (RIP) and Dr. Wanjiru Kihoro (RIP) who with others brought to life the AMwA that has continued to shape the African women’s feminist epistemology.