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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

December 2015

Civil Society calls for immediate resumption of inclusive dialogue on the Burundi situation

We, the Interim Regional Coordination Committee of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region’s Civil Society Forum, are deeply concerned with the deteriorating situation in Burundi. Many lives have been lost and hundred others displaced due to the ongoing predicament, causing unprecedented refugee crisis.

As the Regional Civil Society Forum, we recall the agreements espoused by Member States in the ICGLR Pact on Security, Stability and Development and Peace and Security cooperation framework for the DRC and the region that enjoins Member States to promote sustainable peace and development.

We therefore wish to state as follows:

  1. Resumption of inclusive Inter- Burundian Dialogue to explore ALL options to return Burundi to normalcy, placing Burundian citizens at the heart of the dialogue. We call on ALL regional and international bodies, including the EAC, AU, EU, UN and others to make this dialogue a priority.
  2. We call on the government of Burundi, regional and International community to implement their responsibility to protect the citizens of Burundi. The duty to prevent mass atrocities lies first and foremost with the State.
  3. We call upon the ICGLR Heads of State and Government Summit due in January 2016 to schedule a special session to discuss the issue of Constitutionalism. The region’s future will be better secured under strong institutions and practices grounded in the principles of Constitutional Convergence enshrined in the ICGRL Protocol on Democracy and Good Governance.
  4. There is need for a continuous monitoring of the situation in Burundi, with the goal of bringing to account ALL those involved in perpetrating crimes against the Burundian people, regardless of political persuasion, ethnic extraction, or station in life.

In conclusion, we urge for a serious relook at the Burundi situation and hope that the region can take measures that are in line with the ICGLR Pact on Security, Stability and Development and Peace Security Cooperation frameworks.


Interim Regional Coordination Committee