Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA)

Feminist Leadership Development

One of AMwA’s inche has been movement building; through this programme we organise, network and mobilize women leaders around critical issues that need to be addressed either through advocacy and or policy influence.

Therefore AMwA is part of the following international, regional and local coalitions and or networks that include;

  • Women’s Major Group

  • Non-Government Organisation Commission on the Status of Women Africa (NGOCSWAfrica)

  • Solidarity of African Women’s Rights (SOAWR)

  • GBV Prevention Network

  • NGO Forum International Conference of the Great Lakes Region

  • African Feminist Forum

  • African Women’s Development and Communication Network

  • Coalition GBV Prevention Network

  • Uganda Coalition for African Women’s Rights, Women Won’t Wait Campaign,

  • Domestic Violence Bill Coalition

  • Uganda Feminist Forum (UFF)