Expertise: Extractives

Dr. Asanda Benya is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology at the University of Cape Town.

Dr. Asanda Benya’s broad research interests include labour studies, gender, labour and social movements, labour geographies, workplace identities, the extractives industry, human rights, social justice in mining communities and ethnography. Her current research is using ethnography to look at the construction of gendered subjectivities of women mineworkers in a Platinum mine in the North West province in South Africa.

She has published in labour and feminist journals in areas of women in mining, gender and the

extractive industries, labour and social movements, social and economic justice. She is the recipient

of several awards and fellowships including the African Humanities Program (AHP) fellowship (2019)

and the Atlantic Fellowship on Racial Equity (AFRE) (2018). She serves as an editorial board member

of the Ubuntu Dialogues Project. She is also active outside of the university as a board member of

several national NGOs such as the Surplus People Project, the Bench-Marks Foundation’s Independent Problem-Solving Service Advisory Board, and Workers World Media Production.

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