Expertise: Climate Activist

Wanjuhi Njoroge, is an avid climate activist and entrepreneur from Kenya who believes that we must be deliberately inclusive to address climate issues. By educating and creating awareness at the community level as well as seeking women’s knowledge in climate issues where it remains untapped.

Passionate about her community, Wanjuhi established a library in her village in 2017 that supports local farmers to move to more sustainable farming practices. In 2019 she joined the Kenyan national chapter of the African Women Leader’s Network (AWLN), an action-oriented movement of African women leaders to transform sustainable peace, security and development issues on the continent.

Wanjuhi says that “Climate change and gender are intertwined because women are disproportionately affected, and more vulnerable to environmental disasters and extreme weather events,” adding that in Kenya, women are less economically empowered than men with little access to land and property rights and are more likely to live in poverty after environmental disasters and displacements. To accelerate change, conversations need to move from boardrooms and work directly with rural communities on the ground.

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It has to be us; no one is coming to do it for us.” Climate Champion, Wanjũhĩ Njoroge calls for Africans to collectively rally for climate action