The Oralherstories is an anthology of stories from 16 African women politicians in their diversities. The collection curates the lived experiences of the women’s backgrounds and reflects diversity in age, education, party affiliation, and position in the parties.

Bravingly, these women shared their journeys with us, from their childhood dreams to finding their way into politics in Uganda and scaling up the pathway for young women leaders in their respective political parties. These are stories of courage, solidarity, speaking truth to power, and disrupting patriarchal structures. Their stories give life and strength to the dreams of emerging women leaders. These stories also reveal the prejudices and cultural and religious perceptions of women’s roles, lack of financial resources, and institutional oppression that impede women’s access to and participation in political leadership positions.

Lastly, the stories offer practical examples and lessons learned for emerging women leaders to draw from for their growth, career advancement, and areas for future engagement.


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