“The African Women’s Leadership Institute has boosted my morale and indulgence to self.”

Joining the Feminist and Transformational Leadership Fellowship was a dream come true. I have always wanted to be part of the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) to improve my feminist leadership and access more opportunities. I am extremely pleased that Akina Mama wa Afrika made this possible. 

For a transgender woman to be accepted to such a space is a great reminder that we are all equal and deserve to be given the opportunity to grow as a diverse group of amazing women.

So far, it has been a learning journey for me and the interaction with the amazing sisters has boosted my morale. The fellowship has opened up my mind to self-appreciation and self-indulgence and taught me self-love and selfishness for the good of self. This experience has taught me that it is okay to not always be right but rather have room for failure and not be hard on myself about it. 

I have learnt to love myself more, appreciate more, believe in myself more, care more, and also economically empower myself through the Innovation and Creativity module. I am therefore looking forward to how best I can be supported in applying these skills in my day to day life. I appreciate the support from UN Women Uganda because this platform is a place to thrive.  My inner self is alive again and strong. The AWLI has people that strengthen sisterhood and solidarity. I am more fierce now and ready to conquer the world!

By Monalisa Akintole

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