In her book, “Living a Feminist Life”, Sara Ahmed describes the idea of a ‘feminist toolkit’ as a collection of ideas, writings and theories that we can return to. Although, feminist theory provides the language and lens to express and concisely articulate women’s experiences, the gap between activism and developing of feminist theory persists.  Amina Mama writes that feminist writing is key to advancing the social, economic and political equality of women. She believes that the strides taken by the feminist movement in organizing for women’s liberation need to be enhanced with coherent feminist consciousness informed by sound theories of gender oppression and change, lest we easily become subject to an identity politics that will keep us divided.

Akina Mama wa Afrika with support from UN Women Uganda, under the auspices of the Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme sought to radicalize, disrupt and contribute to intellectual activism through The LEADERS’ Journal, a platform for feminists to provide thought leadership and to create home grown repositories of knowledge on gender issues using feminist tools of analysis. The Leaders’ Journal looks to build a community of contributors and readers that value intellectual rigor and activism and that understand feminist analysis as both an intellectual and movement building pursuit.

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