10 Decolonial Feminist Principles to Unlock Climate Finance in Africa

As Pan-African feminists, we know climate action will require timely, adequate, predictable, and affordable climate finance. However, beyond climate action, achieving climate justice will require that this financing be flexible, gender and human-rights-responsive, decolonial, anti-capitalist, debt-free, long-term, reparative, new, and additional to meet the scope of the need. The key question then becomes, what kind […]

This Intersectional Feminist Climate Justice Guide

This Intersectional Feminist Climate Action Guide is an advocacy and programming tool for civil society, women rights activists, feminists, environmentalists, and minoritized groups, i.e. Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and gender expansive persons, among others in Africa and the Global South, who take on a central role as creators, facilitators and advocates of innovative climate solutions through an inclusive and rights-based approach.

The Ugandan Media Landscape Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Akina Mama wa Afrika launched results from a study on Uganda’s media reporting on #SRHR topics conducted by the African Center for Media Excellence and Civil Society Organisation and Media. Some of the key findings that ACME highlighted are why we are still a long way from achieving our Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Outcomes. […]

Apply For The Feminist Economics Summer School 2024

  Are you an African researcher, scholar, or activist committed to applying feminist interventions to address economic and social crises?  If yes, you need to sharpen your social-political economic analysis, and this year’s Feminist Economics Summer School (FESS) will be a great start.  This event will take place in Eastern Africa for the first time […]