Pathways to scaling up women’s political leadership and influence in Uganda – Adopting Feminist Approaches

The aspiration to advance women’s political participation and leadership in all decision-making processes in Uganda, regionally and globally, is rooted in numerous national, regional, and international frameworks. But unfortunately, women politicians face systemic barriers that disproportionately affect their political participation and leadership.

Pathways to scaling up women’s political leadership and influence in Uganda – adopting feminist approaches emerged as a policy brief after AMwA conducted research and a series of convenings in 2021 with women political leaders. The outcome reinforced the premise that the systematic barriers women face are aggravated by intersections with other identity markers such as class, sexual orientation, education status, disability, age, and marital status, heightening the barriers toward their political leadership and influence.

Therefore, AMwA, through this policy brief, provides feminist approaches for adoption to tackle the identified barriers. Through an intersectional feminist lens, AMwA developed this policy brief to assess the current state of play of women’s political rights in Uganda and profer possible pathways to address the barriers to women’s political leadership and influence. Ultimately, the policy brief is a practical instrument for developing leadership strategies anchored in recognizing diverse gendered intersections and inspiring inclusive, fair, and socially just leadership practices.

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